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In certain situations Used Equipment can provide the best Return On Investment.  It can also be the riskiest way to add capabilities you need in your shop, as many used machines are sold "as is, where is".  For savvy users already owning this type of equipment the risk is lower as they know exactly what to look for in the way of the machine's ability to perform after the purchase.  Sellers of Surplus Equipment also need a partner to make sure they are actually getting Fair Market Value for the Surplus Equipment they are selling.  FORGE would like to be your trusted partner for navigating the used equipment market whether you are buying used equipment or selling surplus equipment.  We strive to make doing business with FORGE as easy as possible whether it is purchasing new or used equipment.

Purchase Used Equipment from FORGE

Click on any of the Used Equipment Listings on the left hand menu

Hire FORGE To Sell Surplus Equipment

FORGE will market and sell your used equipment for a low, fixed percentage of the sales price.  This is much better than selling your Surplus Equipment outright to a Surplus Dealer.  Many times you will be offered only about 40% of the equipment's estimated sale amount to the final buyer.  That is the only way a Surplus Dealer can justify the risk of purchasing with no buyer in hand.  FORGE will also evaluate your Surplus Equipment for purchase, but the better value to the seller is to hire FORGE to sell the equipment for you.  Click here to contact us about selling your Surplus Equipment.

Hire FORGE To Market Surplus Equipment

For a low flat fee we will market your Surplus Equipment.  FORGE is involved in the marketing efforts of used equipment every day.  Let us take care of the head ache of emailing, internet marketing, etc.  We will also take all of the inquiry phone calls and emails.  FORGE will line up equipment final inspections and other sales related tasks.  At the time of sale, the buyer will issue you a PO.  This is the best way to make sure you get the most money possible for your Surplus Equipment.  Click here to contact FORGE about Marketing your Surplus Equipment.

Hire FORGE To Find & Evaluate Equipment

Post a wanted Ad in the "Post Wanted Equipment" tab on the menu to the left.  FORGE will contact you and make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for.  We will go out and find just the right piece of equipment to meet your needs at the right price.  You can waste countless hours scouring all of the Used Machine Listings on the internet.  Since this is our livelihood, FORGE is on top of the Used Equipment Market.

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