Great Lakes Division
Great Lakes Division

Application Support

Our team of applications engineers can analyze your parts and guide you through the most efficient process to achieve your production goals.  This production analysis often uncovers opportunities for significant cost savings in your manufacturing methods that can be useful over a wide range of your production processes.

Time Study Analysis

Ganesh applications engineers can perform a production analysis of your parts and do a complete time study showing speeds and feeds for every cut, and also make suggestions for the most efficient machine to process your work.  This production yield information can be very helpful in the justification process when acquiring a new machine tool.

Turnkey Solutions

We can do a complete turnkey of your production part, either at our facility or on your factory floor, with your staff obtaining valuable training in the process.  This way you have complete control prior the acceptance of the new machine. You can observe the machine running your parts, inspect the accuracy of the parts to Cpk standards, and ensure that you are achieving the production rate that was agreed to. This option can be a cost effective way of getting profitable productive output from your new machine very quickly.


Ganesh Machinery can automate your machine with automatic load/unload robotics with high-density part storage systems.  Unmanned operation can greatly increase your profitability and help you be more successful in this globally competitive world.

Lean Manufacturing

Our team of applications engineers can guide you through the most efficient production process to incorporate lean manufacturing into your manufacturing operation.  You will increase efficiency, improve accuracy and reduce part handling by putting lean manufacturing processes in place.


Ganesh Machinery has fully developed training program for each machine and has expanded the classroom training facility at our Chatsworth, CA campus to accommodate the needs of our customers.  Ganesh also has training centers in Cleveland, OH and Houston, TX to better serve our customers.  Computers and projection equipment is used to facilitate the efficient transfer of the knowledge necessary to make Ganesh machines as productive as possible.  Ganesh Machinery has stated that “our business model relies on the satisfaction of our customers and their ability to get the highest level of productivity out of their Ganesh machines.”

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