Great Lakes Division
Great Lakes Division

Multi Axis Bar Machines | CNC Swiss Style Lathes

Cyclone 32GT

CNC Gang Tool Lathe-Heavy Duty

Standard.: C-Axis | Rigid Tapping | Tool Holders | Parts Catcher

Cyclone 32NCY

4 Axis CNC Turning Milling Center

For Bar Work, Secondary Machining & Chucking Work

Cyclone 32/42 GTS

Twin Spindle CNC Lathe-6 Axis

Standard: Parts Catcher | Parts Conveyor | Chip Conveyor

Cyclone 32CS

CNC Swiss Machine-7 Axis

Twin Spindle

Simultaneous Machining of Main & Sub Spindles

Cyclone 52TTMY

Dual Spindle | Dual Turret | 8 Axis

Multi-Tasking Turning & Milling Center with "Y" Axis


11 Axis | Dual Spindle | Three Turret

CNC Turning Milling Machine with "Y" Axis on Both Upper Turrets


Twin Spindle | Twin Turret | Multi Axis

Heavy Duty 8-Axis CNC Mill-Turn Center

Full "Y" Axis


3 Turret | Twin Spindle

Muti-Tasking CNC Turning Milling Center with "Y" Axis on Both Upper Turrets


"B" Axis CNC Mill/Turn Center

Highly Versatile, with Full "B" Axis, Double "Y" Axis, 36 Tools with 18 Live Tools

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